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Collaboration will lead to 


Connect with your Coaching Partner


Nau mai, Haere mai, Welcome

Oceania Coaching rests on the belief that everyone needs to be mindful. Mindful of oneself and how we connect to our community and the environment. 


Our purpose is to be the bridge that connects leadership with mindfulness. To lead and be accountable for improving yourself and supporting others to reach their potential.


We make this vision a reality by guiding your development by asking challenging questions.  The focus is on self-awareness, self-talk and self-reflection in the now. To create confidence with a clear plan to enable you to hold yourself accountable with the support of your coaching partner.


Understanding our strengths and values is an important foundation for any relationship. Oceania Coaching is guided by our values, which are:


  • We cultivate connections 

  • We embrace differences 

  • We shape change

  • We lead with optimism 

  • We inspire curiosity

Tena koe, Hello my name is Rachel

I have over 30 years’ of multicultural experiences to inform my unique approach to coaching, where I emphasise the importance of a mindful leadership style coupled with concise communication.


I engaged in a wide-variety of different roles and professions from military service, hospitality, education to engineering. In my role as a Human Resources professional I have been a trusted confidante to senior executives internationally for over 15 years.

In this fast-paced, sometimes cut-throat environment, I learnt some hard life lessons, that lead me to reassess my values and purpose. Through a higher level of self-awareness and inner peace, led me to make decisions to becoming a Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation).


I have worked with a wide range of clients, from students to executives. In each case, I use humour, personal style and strengths to instil confidence and inspire growth in each and every individual.

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Coaching Possibilities

Oceania Coaching values agility and creativity.  We offer a FREE introduction session to help us to understand your issues and see if we are the best fit to help you. 

The foundation of our services is to provide one-to-one coaching sessions.  We design coaching packages to deliver flexibility that best fits your needs.  Such packages can include scientific-based tools or assessments to help go deeper into our discussion together.


is about prioritising yourself.

It is an opportunity to reflect, re-centre and re-focus on your issues, like how to:

- change the  business culture

- keep yourself motivated and inspire your team

- maintain focus on strategic direction while juggling your day-to-day

- give feedback and delivering bad news

- leverage your strengths and apply a solution mindset

- receive feedback to address changes in your behaviours


Together we explore where you want to go and support your accountability in taking the next steps.


helps you to find your purpose.

We support your self-discovery and dive into how to:

- define your professional goal and career plan

- change and adapt your career

- take into account your feelings (i.e. self-doubt, fears, stress, ego) towards your career

- review and compare eduction pathways 

-  apply your strengths, values and drives to inform your career decision

- identify changes in behaviour and areas of development


focuses on your well-being. 

We reflect together on your ability to stay calm in unexpected situations or changes.  We support you on how to: 

- reduce your stress levels

- calm your frantic mind

- reframe your fears

- improve your confidence

- say "no" and create healthy boundaries

- bounce back from failures

- connect with your people, your support network

- build self-compassion and quiet your inner critic


Get in Touch

Napier 4110

New Zealand


Tel: +64 (0) 21 157 9332

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